This may sound crazy 🤪 but I am always thinking out loud when I am alone and arguing, or should I say, debating with myself as to what the best solution to my problem is.

Some people say ‘why do you talk to yourself? ‘my answer is ‘to get to know me’ 😆

I love the way that I am very self-aware, and I am one of those people who weigh up the pros and cons of every situation. I am more alert ⚠️ when I am out on the street as scenarios play in my head.

  1. You cannot walk across the zebra crossing till a car has stopped, these days they do not.

2. You must wait for the green man whilst crossing the road as it will be your own fault when you get hit by an oncoming vehicle.

3. Do not stand too close to a vehicle when the engine is running, they may reverse into you.

4. Stand back when on the platform waiting for a train, someone may accidentally or intentionally push you onto the track.

5. Always walk amongst crowds at night when your alone, then you look to be less vulnerable

I could go on forever with a list of instructions that are in my head when I am on the road. Actions have consequences and even if I am with someone else, I still have my own rules. Well, it has saved me thus far. 😌

I also have the habit of looking out for someone else who is with me, especially my family and I find myself explaining to them the risks of carelessness.

It is a tiring job being me, this is why I only go out when it is necessary, like work, family or leisure, I never travel out of my neighbouring boroughs unless I really have to.

People may be thinking that I am putting restrictions on my life, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

When I was younger, I was more adventurous but now I am not the type to just pick up and go on a holiday, to a place I have never been, without planning it well in advance. I do not see a reason for emptying my bank account and having no money to run my home on my return.

I am a very organised person, and I am not willing to risk or mess up my routine for anything or anybody.

People may think that this is selfish, but when I realised how short life really is, I decided I am going to live it, the way I want, and have no reasons to say ‘I should of’ or ‘if only’ when I have not long for this world.

I am content with how my life has been lately and by being alert means that in my personal life and my family life I am able to be there for people who need me most.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance



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