Have you ever been so angry that you have wished ill on another person?

Has somebody done something so bad to you or a loved one that you have wished them dead?

Do you believe that someone can put a curse on your family?

I am sure that there is a point in our lives when we have been extremely angry with a person that we have prayed for something bad to happen to them.

I admit that I have wished death on people that I disliked because of the way they treated me or my loved ones.

I had the most irritating manager who took pleasure in singling me out and bullying me, shouting across the open planned office at me. What was so weird is, not even the other staff noticed the behaviour, the only way I could make a complaint was through the OHD. They believed me.

I believe that families can be victims of a curse, especially the ones that just seem to go through constant misfortunes in life, it does not mean that they are bad people.

This is my own belief.

How would you describe the blessings that you receive?

Personally, I believe that anything good or bad, can be seen as a blessing or become a curse.

Many years ago, I was made redundant from a job that I worked in for ten years, at the time I did not see it as a blessing, but now I do, as I would not have come so far in my life as I have today. There was no future for me in that post and now I am doing different jobs that I am enthusiastic about, including my own personal projects and studying.

If you can afford to have a roof over your head, food on your plate that is a blessing.

In general, there is a balance between blessings and curses depending on the way we see it. Any negative experience can be a blessing in disguise, or any positive experience can end up being a curse.

We must be mindful of what we wish on others as it could fall back on us or worst of all our loved ones.

This is my own belief.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

In everything there must be a balance, there is good and there is bad.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance



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