Dear Society

I refuse to conform to your styles, beliefs, or behaviours because I value authenticity.

I will not compromise my financial security to conform to societal expectations, nor will I ever alter my life drastically just to seek validation or approval from others.

I have no desire to trade places with anyone, no matter how wealthy, beautiful, or seemingly content they may seem.

I pledge my allegiance and devotion solely to the God of my understanding, never to bow down to anything or anyone else.

I am committed to pursuing my dreams and advocating for what is right.

I will always put the care of my health and well-being first, even if it means distancing myself from negative and toxic environments, regardless of you calling me selfish.

If my actions or choices do not align with your expectations, that is your issue to deal with, not mine.


My top priority is to consistently offer encouragement and thoughtful assistance to those who truly require it.

The time I have left on this earth is for meaningful discussions and positive interactions, leaving no room for drama or pointless chatter.

I refuse to walk on eggshells around you in order to please you, as I value authenticity over pretense.

I refuse to waste precious time pretending to be someone I'm not. Instead, I choose to stay authentic and true to myself because life is too short for anything less.

I only make time for those who are genuine in their actions and sincere in their words.

The media messages you’re sending me hold no weight, for I am no longer under your control. As of today, my strings have been cut and I am free from being your puppet.

Natalie Mandy Bleau


Scripture of Balance Author & Founder

We need to take back control of our lives, when you find the power within you the battle is almost won!! Live in UK Bipolar Survivor NATALIE M BLEAU