Keep pushing yourself to reach your full potential, always seeking new opportunities for growth and development.

Try to be the best you can be. Be kind, work hard, and always try to improve yourself.

Being stagnant is not truly living; it is simply going through the motions of existence.

I discovered that the most effective way for me to enhance my behaviours was to consistently assess my shortcomings and actively seek ways to make positive changes.

Living in a negative and toxic environment can be extremely challenging and difficult to escape.

I am grateful for the opportunity to remove myself from such situations and I steer clear of individuals who have the power to bring out my darker side.

To achieve greatness, it is essential to carefully select who you allow into your personal space.

Natalie Bleau Author



The Scripture of Balance Author & Founder

We need to take back control of our lives, when you find the power within you the battle is almost won!! Live in UK Bipolar Survivor NATALIE M BLEAU