Does the concept of being unmasculine truly exist?

I can see how someone might perceive a man in women's clothing as not fitting traditional male stereotypes.

Despite being biologically male, men can exhibit traits and qualities that are traditionally associated with femininity.

But isn't femininity more than just being biologically female and conforming to societal expectations of how we should dress?

Playing devil's advocate, I exude a strong sense of masculinity in my demeanour.. NOONE CARES

However, society often labels a man who embraces his feminine side as unconventional. (Showing his emotions, crying, or being domesticated) in my mind, that is an authentic man.

The only definition I can think of is a grown man who shirks responsibility for his actions and clings to his mother's apron strings. That is what I deifne as lacking in masculinity.

Natalie M Bleau Auhor.

Scripture of Balance Author & Founder

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