I found that in my working career I would give more than 100% and it was never appreciated by my managers. I would come into work early and finish work late.

The more you do for somebody the more responsibility they will give you at no extra cost to them.

I decided years ago that, I will never again, work for a profit- making company and put my talents to use in a health, education, or charitable organisation.

I am now living my dreams, working where people are benefitting from the projects that I have put in place, that to me is an achievement.

In life people will take advantage of you if you allow them to. You have to learn to say NO and stop being that YES person.

I have been in situations where a friendship can become very one-sided.

A female close friend of mine had once told me that, a well-off lady, she had made friends with, before she met me, would invite her to regularly accompany her on a shopping spree only to have her carry the bags.

I have been out with friends for a meal, when the bill came, they did not come prepared to split the bill, they assumed that me and my friend were paying, to top it off they ordered the most expensive meal on the menu including copious amounts of cocktails.

I had another friend who told me he was in trouble and needed £100, I loaned him the money. Two weeks later ii received the payment back only to be contacted the following day with the same story. I had to tell him that I did not have any money , later on I realised he had a serious gambling problem.

It hurts to know that someone is using you for their own benefits and does not really care about you, whether it be money, sex, advice or worse sneakily moving into your home and not contributing.

Don’t allow anyone to use you by misusing the words ‘I love you” actions speak louder than words.

Don’t allow anyone to financially abuse you by constantly borrowing money or not paying their way.

Make a person clear of your intentions or they will slowly take over your life when you least expect it.

Don’t beat yourself up for the mistakes, these are lessons to learn.

In everything there must be a balance.

Natalie Bleau

The Scripture of Balance



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