I have been on four cancer diagnosis pathways in the last two years, and I can tell you the negative psychological it had on me.

As a Bipolar sufferer with other mental health issues, such as paranoia and obsessive-compulsive disorder around cleanliness, I am an irrational thinker.

In 2021 I previously had a procedure done for my abnormal cervical smear test results; it took the Doctor a lot of patience to reassure me that I was in the clear.

I had been a pessimist for most of my life as I had always seen myself as a complete failure due to my childhood trauma.

I had an irregular bleed which they thought was coming from my bladder, so the pathway began.

Suspected bladder cancer was ruled out to be investigated as suspected womb cancer.

I was horrified and had already calculated that I was dying and went to see my solicitor to do a will. I was preparing for my death.

I even asked about giving my body to science; that’s how convinced I already was.

The cancer pathway was very quick as I saw the medical professionals in under two weeks.

The stress, anxiety and sleepless nights were experienced, and all of my motivation was zapped. I went online to find other cancer patients.

The results were inconclusive but not cancerous.

Last year I found a lump which I thought was in my breast to find it was in my chest. Once again, the cancer pathway was quick, but I had already resigned myself to the fact that I would be having a double mastectomy.

This is an example of how my mind works, even though it is not yet a fact.

But I recommend the cancer pathway as it is the quickest way to an early diagnosis. It can save your life.



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