The words "I love you" may flow freely from our lips, but our actions tell a different story.

I used to struggle to utter these words, fearing the vulnerability that came with baring my soul and the potential for pain that followed.

Listening to the stories of love from different people as a teenager, I began to view it as a weakness.

Love is a complex and multifaceted emotion that encompasses a myriad of feelings and experiences.

I believe that love can not survive without the foundation of respect, honour, loyalty, and kindness.

True love, happiness, and respect can not be purchased with money. Instead, one must first learn to love and respect themselves before they can truly recognise and appreciate genuine love from others.

Natalie Bleau Author




The Scripture of Balance Author & Founder

We need to take back control of our lives, when you find the power within you the battle is almost won!! Live in UK Bipolar Survivor NATALIE M BLEAU