The words stand on their own, no further explanation needed.

While many of us simply go through the motions and accept the status quo, there are those among us who refuse to turn a blind eye to the truth.

There are those who choose to keep their eyes closed, fearing the harsh reality that lies before them.

Corruption tends to accompany control, with those in charge comfortably ensconced in their lavish lifestyles, avoiding the hard work of true leadership.

There are some who are blind to the truth, thinking that those in power are doing us a kindness by gradually eliminating the good and embracing the bad.

If you are unaware now, you may never become aware.
If you simply do not care, then you are content to merely exist.

Natalie Bleau Author



The Scripture of Balance Author & Founder

We need to take back control of our lives, when you find the power within you the battle is almost won!! Live in UK Bipolar Survivor NATALIE M BLEAU