“We just want to live our lives, we are tired of having to put up with patronising, condescending, racist people.”

It is a great shame that ‘black people’ are still experiencing the hatred from others because of the colour of their skin.

It is 2021, our ancestors must be turning in their graves wondering why their descendants are still, to this day, fighting an endless battle.

I have experienced the rawness of race hate, back in the 80’s, South Wales, but decided never to let these degenerates make me feel that I am inferior to them.

During my life I have come across those condescending people that talk to and treat you like you are uneducated, thinking that they have superiority over you because they are not of colour.

My parents came to this country, from the Caribbean, in the 60’s, although they experienced a lot of racism, they did not bring us up to hate on white people, in fact their best friends were from the East End and are white.

I am so tired of hearing some people say that there is no racism in this country, it is mainly people who have never walked in our shoes, that have so much to say.

Open your eyes, there is institutionalised racism as well as the “hill billy” type dragged up, ignoramus person who probably would like us to be lynched.

I know that not every non-black person is racist as I have met so many wonderful people in my life, and trust me, they would stand up for me in a heartbeat.

It seems to me that ‘people of colour’ in any industry, will have to mindfully, ignore such hatred, that has been going on for centuries, where disillusioned people believe that they are superior. I, for one, believe that we are all living, breathing human beings and when a person thinks they are above that they, through their ignorance are the inferior ones.

I have my own personal challenges and I am so tired of having to see or hear about the hatred of my race. This is one of the reasons I decided not to have children, I would hate to see them go through this struggle. But I have family, nieces, nephews, and I worry about their future.

My family are very diverse, and we are not anti-anything other than anti- ignorant, and anti-uneducated people.

Natalie Bleau



The Scripture of Balance Author & Founder

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