The feeling of happiness is an emotion it comes and it goes. As an infant, growing up, we believed that happiness was like a fairy tale for example the Princess finds her Prince and they all live happily ever after.

In some cases people can be fortunate to meet someone who lives up to their standards in every way, however they would have met at a very early age, where you find that they are not already set in their ways.

Happiness can be found in everything and anything but when we rely on people to make us feel happy this is short-lived as no one is perfect and there is no guarantee they will be around forever.

Happiness cannot be found in the materialistic things of the world like money, cars, sex or popularity as society pushes us to believe. Happiness is found within ourselves.

We tend to dwell on sad news longer than embrace the happy moments that is why to be happy you have to be content. We all find ourselves wanting more, this is just human nature.

Negative news on the media makes more profit than good news. When have you picked up a news story that is all together positive?

I was thinking of the sad moments of my life and I found that the feeling of sadness lasted much longer than the feeling of happiness.

When I lost my Beloved Father it was so soul destroying and left me feeling incomplete whereas today I celebrate his life and remember the good times by doing something that I get satisfaction from and that is encouraging others.

I finally found real happiness in being true to myself, consistently working to becoming a better version of myself. I am at my best when I know I can change a negative situation into a positive.

When you find that feeling of satisfaction it bubbles up inside you and makes you feel powerful and the fact I had a shuttered view of what happiness should be all these things lost importance.

Today, my decision is I that I will make every day count. I will embrace the good and the bad and when I leave this mortal coil I will feel the satisfaction that I contributed positively to this selfish world.

In everything there is a balance.



The Scripture of Balance Author & Founder

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